Electric Vehicle (5.5T)



We use lead-acid battery which is suitable for electric bicycles, electric trucks and special purpose electric vehicles mainly.

Our product  has passed ISO9001:2008 quality control system, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system, GB/T28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification, CE certification


- Ternary battery to comply with the national standard test;
- The battery pack meets  the requirements of GB/T 18384-2015 for personnel protection against electric shock, the UL 94-VO flame retardant requirements and the ECE R100 fuel burn exposure for 60 seconds.
- The battery management system combines active safety protection with passive protection to ensure that safety measures and fault protection can be taken in case of danger.
- Battery management system (over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, over current, etc.) functional safety design level meets ASIL C, conforms to ISO26262 standard, and is approved by Germany TUV South German security evaluation.

Long mileage range

High-energy-density core and lightweight structure design effectively increase vehicle running mileage.
- Ternary composite NCM battery module, energy density is up to 165Wh/kg
- PACK Level Energy Density, NCM Box > 110Wh/kg


It remains 80% of cells capacity after 1500 cycles or 5-year use.

Good environmental adaptability

- The battery pack adapts to harsh weather conditions and the enclosure seals to IP67
- Gravel impact, thermal load test, and fireproof design guarantee the reliability of the product  effectively
- The metal box and main external structural parts are all electrophoresed using KTL. The product passes the SGS standard 720h salt spray test to ensure that the anti-corrosion ability meets the service life of the product for more than 8 years.
- Battery system failure rate, easier to maintain and maximize product benefits

Cells Model IMP1368225F
Size 225 mm*11.9 mm*68 mm
Standard Voltage 3.7 V
Actual Capacity 20 Ah
Maximum Discharging 3C (10S)
Charging Temperature -10~55°C
Discharging Temperature Range -20~60°C
Battery Pack Composed of multiple sets of IMP1368225F batteries
Size 1600mm*440mm*591mm
Maximum Continuous Discharging Capacity 200A
Maximum Instantaneous Discharging Capacity 350A
Insulation System 30
Protection IP67
Mass 870kg
Cooling Method Natural cooling
Charging Voltage Range 3.0 V ~ 4.15 V

Battery Management System (BMS)

  1. Detection
    Measure the battery voltages, current, various area temperatures of the pack in real time, and calculate State of Charge accurately.
  2. Balance Function
    Highly efficient function in dynamic & static balance function can guarantee the favorable uniformity of battery.
  3. Alerting Function
    BMS provides alerts of charging warning, high temperature, insulation, cell wire falling, battery fault, etc..
  4. Transmission
    Uploads raw data on drives. Uploaded data will be analyzed and saved. Provides advance warning to truck’s owner before malfunction.

Technical Hightlights

  1. Non-prejudice Effects to Battery
    The power of BMS is supplied with + 12 V +24V from vehicle without energy consumption if the each cell thus that uniformity of the battery can be guaranteed
  2. Active Balance
    The system adopts active balance with DC – DC, current balance 1A. The equilibrium of cells efficient can be ensured during truck charging and stopping.
  3. Well Protection
    Battery Protection with IP67
  4. Wide Application
    The system parameters setting are concise. It can not only be applied to LiFePO4 and Li-NiMnCo.

Measure Precision or Error

Measure Precision of Voltage (%) 0.5
Measure Precision of Current (%) ±1

Measure Precision of Temperature (℃)
Estimated Precision of SOC (%) 5


Measure Range

Measure Range of Voltage (V) 0~+5
Measure Range of Current (A) -600~+600
Measure Range of Temperature (℃) -40~+125



Power Supply Range (External)  (V) DC 9~36
Range of Operating Environmental Temperature (℃) -40~+85
Maximum Operating Relative Humidity (%) 90
Balance Current (A) 1~2